How to set up utilities in Houston, Texas

How to set up utilities in Houston, Texas

We have a distinctively deregulated electrical industry in Texas. One firm owns the infrastructure (poles, cables, transformers, etc.), and there are a variety of companies from which you can select to purchase power. This enables you to compare electricity prices on the open market. So don't hesitate to comparison shop and compare prices. Visit the websites and 

Texas is the state that produces the most wind energy, in case you didn't know. Houston residents interested in alternative energy sources can always choose a plan that incorporates green energy. When choosing a strategy, look them over.

In contrast to electricity, Centerpoint Energy is the sole provider of gas. On their website,, or by phone at 713-659-2111, you can set up your gas service.

The City of Houston will be responsible for managing water service in most areas of Houston. It might be provided by such communities if you reside in one of the smaller towns or suburbs, though, like Spring, Bellaire, or the City of West University, in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

Visit the Water Districts Map and enter the rental property address to find out who to sign up with.

To set up your service if it is with the City of Houston, go to  or dial 713-371-1400.

Pickup of Trash and Recycling
Check your lease first to verify if it is included. Private garbage and recycling pick-up services are frequently contracted by neighbourhoods and homeowners organisations (HOA management) to provide for the residences under their control.

If garbage collection is not part of the lease, you will likely arrange for it when you open a water and sewer account with your municipal utility district or the City of Houston.

With the popularity of cell phones, VOIP technology, and other services, the phone service sector is undergoing rapid change. However, AT&T serves the majority of Houston-area houses as the main provider of local phone service over traditional phone lines. or 1-800-288-2020 are the two places where you can sign up for that service.

Satellite and cable television
In Houston, Comcast offers the most popular cable TV provider. They can be reached by calling 1-888-739-6076 or visiting Additionally, Houston has AT&T Uverse coverage as well as Dish Network and DirectTV satellite service. A mix of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and SlingTV might be your best option if you want to "cut the cord."




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